Stotra is a combination of shlokas That describes about:
1) God and Goddesss in different forms
2) God's and Goddess`s power
3) Divine acts (Leelaas)
4) and also in some stotras you will see benefits of chanting stotras daily ,.called Phala Stuti.

Stotras are an easy way to calm the mind and make it stress free. The chanting of Stotras have great benefit on one`s health and help progress spiritually.

One can do Dhyaanam with one naamam or with Pranavam (aum) or concentrating on breath And attain peace of mind and consequent good Health.

In Sanatana Dharma, which is Based on VEDAS various methods have been taught to suit the various persons at different levels in spiritual field. A Sadguru guides each to reach the Goal successfully.

In this way the Stotras can be recited or chanted or heard daily to derive the benefits to lead a happy life with a healthy body with positive mind.

The Power Stotras, because of the Seed letters (Beejaaksharams) one gets benefits even chanted knowing the meanings or with out knowing the meanings. They give peace of mind and gradually fulfil the desires.

In this website, lots of stotras are being added with from time to time ..

By the way, stotras are available in two languages (Telugu and English).


Harini R said...

hey Madhavi, nice idea to start a website for stotralu...shall chk it out regularly after I get back from India..good luck and tk care

Madhavi Pavani said...

Thanks Harini

calvinedabney said...
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